Whom To Contact

215-887-1342 ext. xxx


Adult Education: Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Aufruf Planning: Cantor Jeffrey Weber (ext. 110)

B'nei Mitzvah Training: Cantor Jeffrey Weber (ext. 110)

Baby Naming: Cantor Jeffrey Weber (ext. 110)

Bar/Bat Mitzvah information/questions/concerns: Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Billing Questions and Payments: Emily Wright (ext. 105)

Book Discussion Group: Patti First*

Calendar: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Catering Arrangements: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

College Progam: Doris Pohl*

Congregational Programming: Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Cook for a Friend: Tuesdays at 11:00 am Ronne Hellmann*, Thursday at 9:00 am Marilyn Rubin*

Death/Funeral Arrangements: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Director of Experiential Learning & Education: Ana Apter (ext. 222)

Donations to Funds, Prayer Books, Bibles: Terry Straus (ext. 100)

Extended Congregational Kiddush: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Family Events Board information: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Gift Shop: Ronne Hellmann (ext. 114)

Girl's Rosh Hodesh Group: Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Golden Years at Beth Sholom (GYBS) activities: Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Hebrew Free Loan Society: 267-709-9652

JQuest B'Yachad/Religious School Curriculum: Ana Apter (ext. 222)

Illness or Hospitalization Notification: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Infant/Toddler Care: Eileen Weingram (ext. 223)

Personal Information changes: Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Early Learning at Beth Sholom: Eileen Weingram (ext. 223)

Israel Action: Robin Katz and Helaine Zlotnick

Israel Bonds: 215-545-8380

Meeting Rooms: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Membership: Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Men's Club: David Sternberg*

Minyan Breakfast Sponsorship: Harold Paul*

Mitzvah Food Pantry: Charles Seals, Jr. (ext 153), Beverly McFadden*, Stuart Warsetsky*

Plaques for Memorials, Honorials and B'nai Mitzvah: Karen Sandler (ext. 101), Arthur Lashin* and Alvin First*

Religious School PTA: Lisa Weiss Shore*, Glori Kasner*

Ritual Questions: Rabbi Glanzberg Krainin (ext. 108) and Rabbi Merow (ext. 221)

Room Rentals: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Shabbat Experience: Rabbi Merow (ext. 221) / Julie Glass (ext. 216)

Show featuring The Beth Sholom Players: Harvey Perelman*

Sisterhood: Lynn Album*

Stock/Bond donations to the synagogue: Susan Weinberg (ext. 104)

Torah Reading: Cantor Jeffrey Weber (ext. 110)

Tour appointments - Groups of 10 or more: Jill Rosen (ext. 227)

Tour appointments - Individuals: Helene Mansheim (ext. 157) 

Trees in Israel: Jewish National Fund 215-832-0690 or Jeannette Norris* 

Unveilings: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Visiting the Sick/Elderly: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

Webmaster (email)

Weddings: Karen Sandler (ext. 101)

*Call the office at 215-887-1342 for specific telephone number