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Shabbat Morning Youth Services  2013-2014 (5774)

  1. On Shabbat Mornings, in addition to our main Congregational service, we will offer multiple ways to engage families in age appropriate experiences in the Beth Sholom Shabbat Community.
  2. The Shabbat Experience (TSE) occurs 6 times throughout the year. This year's topic is Jewish Lifecycle. These experiences are appropriate for all ages. Mark your calendar with this year's TSE dates.
  3. A Rabbi led Family Service will occur on the first or second Shabbat morning of each month. This service is appropriate for families with students in grades K – 5. Each grade will be assigned a month where they will help to lead the service.
  4. Junior Congregation is a professionally led service for K - 5th grade students. This service will help your students learn skills to become proficient at leading and participating in Shabbat morning services.
  5. Some weeks we will offer Shabbat with Rachel Lefkowitz. This program is for K - 5th grade students. There will be a short service followed by Parasha study and games.
  6. Tot Shabbat for Preschool-aged children will be offered once a month and on all TSE days.


We are looking for parent leaders for Tot Shabbat. We will teach you how to lead.

 Please contact Eileen Weingram at or Julie Glass at 

Questions? Contact Julie Glass      215.887.3625 ext. 216

More Details of Youth Services

2013-14 Children's Shabbat Programming
We invite you and your child to share Shabbat services with us every week. Following is the Shabbat schedule for 2013-2014. In addition to joining us at our regular Shabbat Services on Friday night at 6 pm or 8 pm, Saturday morning at 9:15 am, and at Havdalah, we offer Children's Services most weeks. You are always welcome to bring friends. Some important notes:
Tot Shabbat (3 years and under) is in Room 102. Parents need to accompany their child to Tot Shabbat. This is a meaningful and fun way to share Shabbat with your young child. Grandparents, family and friends are welcome. Tot Shabbat is led by Beth Porter.
Family Service (preK - 5th grade) is in the Price Chapel and led by our Rabbis. Come share Shabbat services with your child(ren).
Shabbat Shirah (prek - 5th grade) is in the Price Chapel and is led by our music coordinator Jay Danzig. While you attend the Main Service, drop your children off  for a service filled with music and song.
Jr. Congregation (preK - 5th grade) is in the Price Chapel and is led by our Old York Road USY President, Rachel Lefkowitz. Your children can join Rachel for prayer, parasha plays and games.
All services are from 10:45 am - 12 noon. (Our Main Service begins at 9:15 am. All teens 6th grade and above should attend the Main Service. We encourage you to attend the Main Service with your child and then accompany your child to the appropriate children's service.) Children will be brought to the Main Service to help lead Adon Olam.
1/18/2014 Jr. Congregation
1/25/2014 Shabbat Shira and Tot Shabbat
2/01/2014 Family Service
2/08/2014 Shabbat Shira
2/15/2014 Jr. Congregation
2/22/2014 The Shabbat Experience @ Beth Sholom
3/01/2014 Family Service
3/08/2014 Jr. Congregation and Tot Shabbat
3/15/2014 Erev Purim - As always, children welcome in the Main Service
3/22/2014 Shabbat Shira
3/29/2014 Jr. Congregation
4/05/2014 The Shabbat Experience @ Beth Sholom
4/12/2014 Jr. Congregation
4/19/2014 Passover - As always, children welcome in the Main Service
4/26/2014 Shabbat Shira and Tot Shabbat
5/03/2014 Family Service
5/10/2014 The Shabbat Experience on 5/09 - As always, children welcome in the Main Service
5/17/2014 Shabbat Shira and Tot Shabbat
5/24/2014 Memorial Day Weekend - As always, children welcome in the Main Service
5/31/2014 Jr. Congregation
6/07/2014 Family Service and Tot Shabbat
6/14/2014 Jr. Congregation
Contact Julie Glass
215.887.3625 ext. 216

Youth Service Calendar for 2013-14 (5774)

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