Mazel Tov!

There is no greater joy than welcoming a new life into your family. Jewish traditions are rich with ways to celebrate this important family milestone. From choosing a name to a Brit Milah or Simhat Bat, a new baby allows is to connect the generations and honor the past. Together as a congregation we welcome your child into your family, the congregation and community and the Jewish people.

When a child is born, we have the great blessing of giving that child a name which is itself a blessing of who we hope they will become and of all the goodness we hope will fill their life.

Bris/Brit Milah*

Brit Milah is the ceremony during which a circumcision is performed on Jewish baby boys. This ceremony is important for many Jewish people as it is a symbol of the covenant that God made with Abraham. The ritual circumcision held when the boy is eight days old even on Shabbat or holidays, unless he is sick. (In that case, speak to the rabbi to determine the proper time to have the Brit Milah.) The circumcision is performed by a Mohel.  The time of the service is set with the person performing the circumcision. If you have a boy, be sure to tell the hospital and the doctor you do not want him circumcised until the appropriate ceremony. After the circumcision is completed, a prayer is read to announce the boy’s name. Most mohels have several service formats for the ceremony, to allow parents, grandparents and those attending to participate.

*If the circumcision takes place at a hospital, the celebration afterward can be held at home, in the Synagogue or at the hospital.

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Baby Naming/ Simhat Bat*

A baby girl is named at a Synagogue service during the Torah reading on Shabbat. The parents come forward for an aliyah with the child, after which a prayer is read giving the name. Although there is no set time after the birth that the naming must take place, it has become traditional to give the name within a month of birth.

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  • If you are holding a bris – please call Mohel of your choosing first.
  • If you would like to hold the bris at Beth Sholom, please contact Stacey Salsman to reserve a space.
  • If you would like to sponsor a Kiddush in your baby’s honor, please contact Stacey Salsman.
  • If you would like a rabbi present at your bris, please contact Stacey Salsman
  • If you would like a baby naming for a boy or a girl, please contact Stacey Salsman.