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Facilities & Rentals

We encourage you to mark this special occasion with a se`udat mitzvah (festive meal or reception) at Beth Sholom. If you are interested in renting one of our rooms for your event, please contact Stacey Salsman as soon as possible after you receive your Bar/Bat Mitzvah date to reserve room(s). A contract will be emailed to you and requires your signature, along with a deposit.

For more information, contact Stacey Salsman at (215) 887-1342 x 109 or

Our Facilities

The Fischman Memorial Auditorium graciously accommodates 100 to 350 people with a band and dance floor. The N. Herman Bornstein Auditorium comfortably accommodates up to 125 people. Both rooms offer tremendous flexibility in planning your decorations. Please remember that catering, florist, entertainment, photographic and videographic arrangements and charges are separate.


After Shabbat services your child will participate in Kiddush, the blessings over the wine and challah. After your child recites the blessings, the congregation partakes of the wine, challah and lunch. Beth Sholom, based on the number of guests expected, orders Kiddush cake and wine. You may choose to sponsor Kiddush lunch for the entire congregation. Since you are hosting the congregation and creating a special feeling of Shabbat sharing, there will not be a room rental fee. You can arrange your menu using the approved caterer of your choice or our in-house catering option.

Alternatively, you may sponsor a Kiddush lunch for your guests only. In this case, there is a charge for the use of a separate room. In the spirit of Shabbat and community, the congregation strongly encourages families who can do so to sponsor a congregational Kiddush lunch.

If you choose to have your celebration elsewhere please consider kosher catering, or a dairy or vegetarian meal to reflect the Jewish values that we are celebrating.


All contractors involved in your celebration (musicians, florists, photographers, videographers, entertainers, decorators, etc.) MUST carry sufficient Workers’ Compensation, Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance. Please furnish the name and phone number of everyone you engage so we can obtain current Certification of Insurance naming Beth Sholom Congregation as “Additional Insured”. If any contractor you have selected does not carry Liability Insurance, he/she will have to secure coverage or you will have to find another provider for that service. The Board of Directors has mandated that there are no exceptions to this policy.

Florists and decorators: Florists and decorators are expressly prohibited from using any fastening devices such as wire, staples or nails on walls, woodwork, curtains or tables in their decorations. Any requests for decorations to be hung from the ceilings must have prior approval of the Executive Director. All decorations used must be flame retardant. Smog and fog producing devices may not be used as they interfere with our smoke detectors. The use of glitter and confetti is not permitted in the building.

Security at Your Party

To ensure the safety of the children attending your party, and to preserve and protect the appearance of our building the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, House and Religious Committees have instituted a policy that all who hold a celebration at Beth Sholom must employ one security guard for every 40 children attending. The security guard should be scheduled from one half hour before the party begins until the end of the party. Let us know so we can contact Cardinal Point, our security company.

For more information, contact Stacey Salsman at (215) 887-1342 x109 or