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Center For Spiritual Well-being


The Center for Spiritual Well-being (CSWB) is a community project currently located at Beth Sholom Congregation, in Elkins Park, PA.  The vision of the CSWB is to meet the most deeply-felt needs and aspirations of all individuals and provide them with a home that embraces the mind, body and spirit, when surrounded by those who share their deepest yearnings.

What is a Center for Spiritual Well-being?

Human beings are holistic beings.  In addition to our basic needs for food, water and shelter and our desire to develop meaningful relationships and engage in work that brings fulfillment, as we seek purpose and meaning in our lives.  The CSWB was initiated as a project to engage a broad spectrum of the community in engaging with questions of meaning and purpose in order to promote spiritual health and well-being.  Each one of us will come to points in our lives when we struggle with fundamental existential questions such as: What is the purpose of my life?  How do I create connections during times of stress and loneliness?  Now that my children are out of the house, what do I want to be the focus of my spiritual life?  How can I best embrace life’s changes and challenges?

The Center for Spiritual Well-being is dedicated to the principle that there is much to be gained when people engage in these existential questions communally.  We can offer a connection to giving back to others spiritually and emotionally.  The CSWB will offer programs, support groups and classes that engage individuals who are seeking mental, emotional and spiritual, support and well-being.

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