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Join Men’s Club!

Each of us desires to make fundamental connections, find a reason to laugh and be enriched by our relationships. In this challenging era, where travel outwardly is somewhat limited, the Men’s Club very much offers the opportunity to foster tremendous experiences by traveling inwardly, dedicated to involving men of all ages in Jewish life through social, religious, and service activities.

Beth Sholom Congregation’s Award-winning Men’s Club (multiple Quality Club Awards from the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs) is involved in all aspects of synagogue life. The Men’s Club represents three goals to its members: serving Beth Sholom Congregation and the larger community, strengthening Jewish values and building camaraderie. That is why we joined, why we want to participate, and why we have such an active socially, spiritually, and dedicated group of vibrant men to help Beth Sholom Congregation create a unique community.

Discover the pleasures of rewarding relationships with your fellow congregants and closer ties to Beth Sholom Congregation through Men’s Club membership. Made up of men of all ages, our Club is a place where men join together to foster fellowships for years to come. We invite all men of Beth Sholom Congregation to take advantage of the Men’s Club programs throughout the year.

Members contribute their time and service to the synagogue in various ways, including dinners and Sunday brunches with speakers, providing ushers for services, leading Minyan, and holding monthly board meetings. Teams of volunteers gather together whenever help is needed around the synagogue.

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President: Art Lashin