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Each of us desires to make fundamental connections, find a reason to laugh and be enriched by our relationships. In this challenging era, where travel outwardly is somewhat limited, the Men’s Club very much offers the opportunity to foster tremendous experiences by traveling inwardly, dedicated to involving men of all ages in Jewish life through social, religious, and service activities.

Beth Sholom Congregation’s Award-winning Men’s Club (multiple Quality Club Awards from the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs) is involved in all aspects of synagogue life. The Men’s Club represents three goals to its members: serving Beth Sholom Congregation and the larger community, strengthening Jewish values and building camaraderie. That is why we joined, why we want to participate, and why we have such an active socially, spiritually, and dedicated group of vibrant men to help Beth Sholom Congregation create a unique community.

Discover the pleasures of rewarding relationships with your fellow congregants and closer ties to Beth Sholom Congregation through Men’s Club membership. Made up of men of all ages, our Club is a place where men join together to foster fellowships for years to come. We invite all men of Beth Sholom Congregation to take advantage of the Men’s Club programs throughout the year.

Members contribute their time and service to the synagogue in various ways, including dinners and Sunday brunches with speakers, providing ushers for services, leading Minyan, and holding monthly board meetings. Teams of volunteers gather together whenever help is needed around the synagogue.

Our programs include but are not limited to:

  • Raising the congregational Sukkah.
  • Sponsoring our annually sold-out “Steak, Spirits. and Sports in the Sukkah” during Sukkot.
  • Providing Shoah Yellow Candles to all congregational members to be lit in memory of victims of the Holocaust.
  • Purchasing an Israel Bond for a newborn of every congregational parent.
  • Fielding two softball teams in the Delaware Valley Synagogue Softball League, which is a great bonding activity.
  • Conducting the World Wide Wrap on Superbowl Sunday, which promotes the mitzvah of putting on Tefillin.
  • Leading services during the annual Men’s Club Shabbat.
  • Serving on a committee or Men’s Club Board.
  • Supporting Mitzvah Day projects.
  • Supporting Jewish inmates at the Montgomery County State Correctional Institution – Phoenix.
  • Helping with our congregational ritual and educational needs.
  • Contributing to Youth Scholarships for summer camp programs.
  • Helping to provide Passover food for needy Jewish families in our area through our Herb Sobel Memorial Passover Food Drive.
  • Providing stimulating social and cultural activities among our congregants and the community at large.
  • Training knowledgeable leaders for the synagogue and the Jewish community.
  • Meeting and engaging new members of our Beth Sholom family.

Men’s Club’s Norman H. Abrahamson Honorees:

2017-18 Steven Perlman
2018-19 Harvey Friedrich
2019-20 Elliot Miller
2020-21 Avi Mindlin
2021-22 Bill Loy
2022-23 David Sternberg

We are always open to new ideas for new programs.

Look for a few off-site events, as well, throughout the year. All our events are on the Congregational Calendar. These activities are made possible by the efforts of the many Men’s Club members. Please watch the weekly e-mail announcements and the handout distributed at Shabbat services for information on upcoming Men’s Club events.

We look forward to meeting you and exploring the possibilities that your participation will bring to our Club. For further information about our Club, contact our President, Arthur Lashin,                

The recipient of the Beth Sholom Men’s Club 2022 Middle Atlantic Region Man of the Year Award, Past President Bill Loy, stands between Club President Art Lashin and Honorary Club President Steve Pilchik.