L’Dor v’Dor. From Generation to Generation. Grandparents provide an essential bridge for families to the traditions and history that grounds us. They offer not only unconditional love, but also wisdom and support during uncertain and vulnerable times.

At Beth Sholom, our congregation is committed to our inter-generational community. As a congregation, we create programs and events that foster participation by congregants of all ages together.  Whether a seasoned grandparent or new to the role, we know that you will find being a grandparent rewarding, entertaining and full of love!

Here is a list of potential names that you might consider if you are becoming a new grandparent:

Jewish Grandmother Names


Jewish Grandfather Names

Zayde/Zayda (many different spellings)–Yiddish

Of course there are many other names to choose from and your little one just might invent something new just for you!

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At Beth Sholom, if you are interested in finding volunteer opportunities for grandparents, please contact Stacey Salsman (   Our preschool families often share intergenerational programming.  For more information on our preschool, please contact Carly Tancredi (