President’s Message

Dear Fellow Congregants,

As we begin a new year at Beth Sholom, I am grateful for the fact that our community was able to weather all the challenges brought by the pandemic. The efforts of our dedicated clergy, staff, and volunteers to achieve this result deserve our recognition and our deep appreciation.

Through our on-site activities effectively ceased on March 14, 2020, the planning for our future did not miss a beat. Countless meetings were held virtually to make sure that when we did come back, it would be “better than ever.”

I sincerely hope that now that our campus is open once again you will return in person to take full advantage of the inspiring religious services and exciting programs that Beth Sholom will be offering.

As we endured enforced isolation for so many months, we all came to realize how much we value physical human connection. As we now “reconnect” with one another, I am hopeful that all of us will find a sense of joy in interactions that we previously took for granted. I truly believe that the upcoming year will be an extremely rewarding one for Beth Sholom, and I look forward to spending it with you.

Herb Sachs