Support Israel Today

Many of you have been asking how to support Israel at this incredibly difficult time. Here are some concrete ways of offering assistance:

  • The Philadelphia Federation Emergency Fund by clicking here
  • Magen David Adom to help purchase an Ambulance in memory of Josh Katz z”l that can be used to provide immediate medical assistance to Israelis wounded in the conflict by clicking here
  • Here is a comprehensive list of organizations offering concrete assistance right now. Click here
  • If you want to send a message of solidarity in support of our brothers and sisters in Israel, JNF is organizing a way for you to do so by clicking here
  • See the names and faces of those currently being held hostage in Gaza: Bring Them Home Now
  • Michael Levin Lone Soldier Foundation Emergency Fund at


To watch a recording of Rabbi David Glanzberg-Krainin’s presentation on Reflections from the Federation’s Emergency Solidarity Mission click here.

We’re with Israel. Let no one mistake our resolve.